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Antique Mirrors  : Antique Dressing Mirror

117cm (46.1in) High x 50cm (19.7in) Wide

Fine Antique mahogany dressing mirror with good bevelling. William IV circa 1830

Code: 19
Dealer: Carol Page Antiques
Antique Mirrors  : Antique Carved Oak Mirror

256cm (100.8in) High x 124cm (48.8in) Wide

Fine antique oak mirror with beautiful carved detail of bunch of wheat

Code: 3754
Dealer: Tudor Rose Specialities

Antique Mirrors  : Antique Cast Iron Mirror

107cm (42.1in) High x 69cm (27.2in) Wide

Attractive painted cast iron wall mirror possibly French with bevelled plate. Perfect for conservatory or hallway.

Code: 3743
Dealer: Tudor Rose Specialities
Antique Mirrors  : large antique mirror

176cm (69.3in) High x 106cm (41.7in) Wide

Fine size antique painted French overmantle mirror. Replaced mirror plate but original old cracked paint - fabulous. Large enough to have floor standing as is current trend!

Code: 3722
Dealer: Tudor Rose Specialities

Antique Mirrors  : Large antique mirror decorative mirror

188cm (74.0in) High x 95cm (37.4in) Wide

Lovely antique silvered French overmantle mirror with elaborate cartouche to the top. Original plate but missing back boards. Large enough to be floor standing

Code: 3721
Dealer: Tudor Rose Specialities
Antique Mirrors  : antique gilded mirror ornate gilded mirror

Lovely atmospheric gilded girondole mirror with original damaged glass

Code: 3400
Dealer: Tudor Rose Specialities

Antique Mirrors  : antique gilded mirror antique oval mirror

92cm (36.2in) High x 60cm (23.6in) Wide

Elegant 19th century oval gilt gesso mirror with fine cartouche to the top and original bevelled plate. Nice beaded edge.

Code: 1313
Dealer: Equinox Antiques
Antique Mirrors  : dressing table mirror antique swing mirror

Superb antique pollard oak Arts n Crafts dressing mirror by Mussell White & Simpkins - Cabinet Makers of Bournemouth. Circa 1890. Original bevelled plate over two drawers

Code: 1311
Dealer: Equinox Antiques

Antique Mirrors  : antique gilded mirror Antique  Painted Overmantle Mirror

102cm (40.2in) High x 88cm (34.6in) Wide

Attractive antique French painted and gilt overmantle mirror with floral mouldings. Circa 1900. Original plate

Code: 3419
Dealer: Tudor Rose Specialities
Antique Mirrors  : Antique French Overmantle Mirror

117cm (46.1in) High x 80cm (31.5in) Wide

Good size antique French gilt mirror with decorative beaded edge. Original plate and backboards. Circa 1900

Code: OVER
Dealer: Tudor Rose Specialities

Antique Mirrors  : Small decorative French Mirror

59cm (23.2in) High

Small decorative painted French Mirror with nice mouldings and original plate and back boards - would fit almost anywhere!

Code: 3384
Dealer: Tudor Rose Specialities

Mirrors are one of the most versatile design elements that can be put to use in an interior. These can be used to make your space look bigger and/or can help add light to the room. They are also functional and yet good to look at.
At Tudor Rose Antiques we have a wide selection and an ever changing stock of antique mirrors including Antique French Mirrors, Victorian Mirrors, Venetian Mirrors, antique Overmantle Mirrors and mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes.  
Our collection of mirrors spans different eras. The most popular in our range are French gilded or painted overmantle mirrors. Apart from these we also often have English Regency triple plate mirrors, Victorian and Edwardian wall mirrors available in oval and rectangular shape and toilet mirrors that can be used on the dressing table. The majority of our antique mirrors including the French antique mirrors and antique over mantle mirrors retain their original glass. 
Browse through our large bathroom wall mirrors, round wall mounted mirrors, antique gilt mirror, antique overmantle mirrors, Edwardian Mirrors and a lot more.